Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe

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Our Beers

The Lost Colony Brewery in downtown Manteo specializes in British and Irish style beers. We use Marris Otter malt as our base and then add various combinations of Black Patent, Brown malt, Crystal malt, and Roasted Barley depending on the individual beer. Fuggles, East Kent Golding and Challenger are the hops we use. Our brew house is a 2 Barrel RIMS system filling two barrel fermenters.


Buxton Brown Ale
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo, N.C.

A northern English style of ale. Walnut-colored with a sweet malty taste, plus caramel, coffee and molasses flavors from the imported British malts. 5% alcohol by volume (abv)

Bronze Medal World Beer Championship


Charon Stout
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo, N.C.

A dry Irish stout with molasses caramel and toasted malt flavors. Stouts are robust full flavor porters but less filling and with fewer calories. 

4.1% abv


Olde Bitch Barley Wine
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo, N.C.

A very strong and intense beer. Aged on oak and Kill Devil Rum. Lively and fruity, sweet, bittersweet, heavy body. Alcohol will definitely be perceived. Dominant fruits to figs. Named for Lily, the old black Lab. 9% abv


Kitty Hawk Blonde
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo, N.C.

A British style pale ale with plenty of citrus flavors and aromas. Peppery hop finish.  This is an easy drinker. 5% abv 

Silver Medal World beer Championship

Kill Devil Scotch AleKill Devil Scotch Ale
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo, N.C.

Scotch Ale or Wee Heavy. A tribute to malt! Caramel, coffee, and cocoa flavors with a hint of smoke. Rich dark color. Served in a 13oz snifter. Slainte! 9.0% abv  

Bronze Medal Winner World Beer Championship


Nags Head I.P.A.
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo N.C.

English Style I.P.A., not as high hopped or as high in alcohol as an American. Hopped for 60 minutes with Challenger hops. 7.0% abv  

Bronze Medal World Beer Championship

Hatteras Red
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo N.C.

This is an easy drinking Irish red ale with a clean finish. It has caramel flavors and a hint of roasted barley. Lightly hopped and carbonated. 4.0% abv    

Silver Medal World Beer Championship

Holy Hand Grenade Russian ImperialHoly Hand Grenade Russian Imperial
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo N.C.

First brewed in 18th century London for export to the Russian royal court, Russian Imperial Stouts have intense flavors and a much higher alcohol content to survive the freezing journey.  Careful this one has vicious little teeth. 9% abv 

Bronze Medal World Beer Championship

Manteo Porter
Lost Colony Brewery - Manteo, N.C.

Porter brewed with Crystal, Brown and Chocolate malts for a creamy delivery balanced by tradition Fuggle hops. Charlie Papazian says "they serve up as good a real ale porter as I ever had". Slainte!

5.5% abv

Silver Medal World Beer Championship

Beer Flights
Your chance to taste four of our beers in 5oz tastings
{excludes imperial stout and scotch ale} 

First Class Flight. No restrictions and more leg room!