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Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe, HIGH GRAVITY

High Gravity

By Paul Charron

While the café portion of The Lost Colony Brewery has been closed we have been brewing up some of our high gravity brews. These beers need a little more time to mature (a lot like me). We have aged our Kill Devil Scotch Ale in, you guessed it Kill Devil Rum barrels.

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch Imperial stout has also been allowed to age to perfection. It has been hard holding back so long. I am thirsty just thinking about them. I am not by nature patient person.

Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe, MOREISH


By Paul Charron

Beer School 101


Recently I learned a new term to describe beer. Moreish, /ˈmɔːrɪʃ/
(informal) (of food) causing a desire for more: these cakes are very moreish

Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe, Telling the Beer Truth

Telling the Beer Truth

By Paul Charron

So what’s all the stink about craft beer anyway?

Join Lost Colony Brewmaster, Paul Charron, as he marches you through the history and impact that beer has had on human civilization. Why did our hunter/gatherer ancestors pick up the plow? Why were math and writing invented? How were Egyptian pyramid laborers paid? Why did the Pilgrims pull in at Plymouth Rock?

Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe, Original Brewery Finds New Life in Mexico

Original Brewery Finds New Life in Mexico

By Paul Charron

Eight years ago, we started to build a small brewery in our garage. That brewery became our brewpub. We have moved up in the world and it is time for the original brewery to move on.

Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe, Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ale

By Paul Charron

The history of Irish Red Ale is difficult to trace. Many Irish Ales made in Ireland are closely related to English Bitters, and some characterize Irish Red as a sub-category of English Bitters or Pale Ales. Others believe Irish Red stands as its own distinct style.